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Raccoon VFD Truck 352
Raccoon VFD Truck 352 This the control panel. This is where the pump operator controls all intakes and discharges. Click for more info. Left front compartment Left middle compartment Left rear compartment Left Rear Compartment Hose Reel Hard suction hose for drafting water from a lake, pond, stream, or swimming pool.

Although this truck is capable of handling anything from a brush fire, to motor vehicle accident, to structural fire, where water lines are present, this truck is designated to connect to a hydrant to feed water to the other trucks

This is the second truck to be manned for all structural fire calls where water lines exist (the tanker rolls second when there are no water lines), and all motor vehicle accident calls.


Right front compartment. Click for more information. Right Middle Compartment. Click for more information. Right Rear Compartment.  Click for more information. 20 ft. extension ladder Right side discharge connections.  Click for more information Hydrant bag Click for more info Rear compartment Click for more Info 2 1/2" Pre connect Driver's side rear discharge Hose bed 20' extension ladder