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Our Members

Look at us now!
by Beverly Vinisky

Officers Line Officers Fire Police Safety Officer

Trustees Auditors Life Members Firefighters Social Members Past Officers

Want to know who applied and when?

Line of Duty Death Page

President Ed Malloy
Vice President Jeff Highberger
Treasurer Lynn Shelley
Financial Secretary Bert Failor
Recording Secretary Shawna Highberger


Line Officers
Chief Joe Dickton
Assistant Chief Bet Failor
Assistant Chief Tim Terwilliger
Assistant Chief Matt Vinisky

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Fire Police
Captain Jim Davidson
Lieutenant Joe Csomay
Lieutenant Bob Kelly
Lieutenant Frank Brockelbank


Safety Officer
Ed Malloy

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Trustees   Auditors
Matt Vinisky   Andy Mihalik
Jerry McElhaney   Shawna Highberger
Tim Terwilliger   Shawn Malackanich


Life Members
Paul Adams   Bob Kelly
Joe Almonte Jr.   Jim Davidson
Dan Bucan   Andy Mihalik
George Caler   Bob Vinisky
Bert Failor   Fred Weigel
Ben Hysong   Virgil Wyke
Darrell Jones   Ed Malloy
Frank Brockelbank    

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Fire Fighters
Chris Arington   Joe McElhaney
Frank Brocklebank   Zach Michael
Darrell Bradford   Andrea Pifer
Frank Coulter   Carl Platko
Joe Csomay Jr.   Mr Lynn Shelley
Jeff Highberger   Ms Lynn Shelley
Michael Kilcoyne   John Shivler Jr.
Shawn Malackanich   Matt Vinisky
Jerry McElhaney  

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Social Members
Joyce Csomay
Bill Krauchyk
Erin Davidson
Rick Redinger
Ruth George

Past Officers

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